Qstodian Frontex is the only system conceived, designed and developed natively for the management of cross-border mobility.

What is Qstodian Frontex?

It allows the monitoring and integral control of the flows of drivers, cargo and vehicles on land, sea and rail.

In addition, Qstodian Frontex allows its integration with powerful tools that provide law enforcement with stronger control capacity over a sustained period of time.

Powerful native features

Digital and facial identification

Digital and facial identification

Integration of peripheral control devices such as drones

Integration of peripheral control devices such as drones


Integration with third-party DB (DGT, Interpol...)

Possibility of integrating additional modules

Multilingual support

Multilingual support


Business Intelligence Module

Backoffice Integration

Backoffice Integration

Main functions in border control

Police Control

  • Digital identification
  • Facial identification
  • Visa control
Border Control

  • Entry/exit logs
  • Background/police record
  • Travel plans
Census and control of undocumented people
  • Refugee camps
  • Temporary stay shelters
  • Asylum and non-resident citizens
  • Humanitarian aid (management of aid population)

Monitoring of people

Access to all the police databases at national (DNI´s, police records, protected data) and international level (EU and Interpol).

Possibility of integrating additional modules

Accident module

This module allows the full on-the-ground digitalization of property damage car accident reports for use of law enforcement officers.

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Business Intelligence module

Comprehensive module that enables the retrieval of more than 50 types of reports and statistics of municipal penalties.

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Integration with Police Management Program
  • Roads
  • Police officers
  • Materials
  • Material Resources
  • Management of sanctions, Human Resources
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Turnkey Service

Qstodian Traffic is a managed solution that integrates all the services for its correct operation and management in the day to day.


Qstodian will provide online assistance and support to users or the City Council from 8:00 a. m. until 4:00 p. m., continuously from Monday to Friday inclusive, except during national and regional holidays.



The FEMP and the DGT have entered into a bilateral agreement in which the City Council and the Provincial Traffic Headquarters upon signing have a series of obligations. Through Qstodian, we provide the service of automatic forwarding and consultation without the need for the City Council to send these data manually. (Through the Police Management Software).


City Council:

  • Forwarding of punishments with point deduction
  • Forwarding of accidents with victims


  • Vehicles
  • Drivers
  • ITV (Vehicle Inspection)
  • FIVA


Whenever the City Council acquires the Hardware devices through Qstodian, it will be responsible for providing such maintenance without having to link third parties, always giving the appropriate support for their proper functioning (specified in the contract).


Our firm will give a first training to all agents on how to use the Applications, which will be carried out at the client-City Council’s facilities or address.

It is divided into two groups:

  • Training for Local Police Officers
  • Training for Personnel in charge of the project (Police Chiefs, etc.)


Qstodian is committed to maintaining the software throughout the term of the contract, giving support both online and in the facilities of the City Council if necessary, resolving issues as soon as possible


Any change in the rules and regulations, whether State or Local, modifications of the City Council systems, improvements to the Application, new versions, etc. will be updated by Qstodian through GooglePlay